Fine quality Sheffield shears and scissors for personal and professional use handmade by Sheffield’s finest scissor makers with carbon steel blades

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Handmade knives by Trevor Ablett and other Sheffield knife makers are on that site

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Except for the larger scissors and shears the scissors come gift boxed as shown. The prices include UK postage. The scissors are hand made items produced by Sheffield craftsmen using quality steel. Carbon steel blades of the same quality used in knife making. The gift boxes are plain black items. Our Sheffield shears are high quality  handmade with the finest materials.

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Remember to have a look at our fine Sheffield  made knives. The knives include a wide range of folding and pocket knives hand made by Trevor Ablett and other makers. The knife range includes bushcraft and survival knives, Scottish dirks and bowie knives.  Click on the image to go to the site. We also have a range of Sheffield made sharpening steels on that site.

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The scissor range includes dressmaking shears, craft scissors, kitchen and general purpose scissors, art and craft scissors, hairdressing scissors. We also have a wide range of nail, manicure and personal care scissors. Some of our scissors and dressmaking shears are available in left and right and left handed types. Japanese scissors of comparable quality would cost many times the prices we list for Sheffield made scissors

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